5 Super-Cool Amazing Things Which Star Wars Fans Will Love In Their Bathroom

Posted By on Dec 20, 2015 |

As a true Star Wars fan, you probably think you have everything in your home which reminds you of your favorite movie saga.  By now you probably have all the geeky and nerdy things there are when it comes toStar Wars. However, what about your bathroom?  Has your bathroom received the sufficient amount of the force, too?

In case that’s the answer is no, and in case that your bathroom could use some force, here are five super-cool, most amazing things which you can buy online and put in your bathroom in order to add some ‘force’ to it!


  1. Han Solo and Leia Hand Towels

I don’t know anyone who won’t be amazed with these embroiders hand towels.  They are perfect for everyone who loves buying cool things online, and everyone who loves Star Wars.  These hand towels you can find online at an affordable price, and they will definitely make your bathroom have a certain appeal and show off your love ofStar Wars.Star-Wars-Bathroom-Decor

  1. Han Solo InCarbonite Shower Curtain

A shower curtain is a perfect way for you to show your love for Star Wars.  If you want Han Solo himself could make you company while having a bath.  You can get this amazing, cool shower curtain online, and it will make your bathroom so much more fun!  A shower curtain such as this one can be found online, as so can other cool and amazing things!

  1. Star Wars Dagobah Shower Curtain

If you want to add to the swampy feel to your bathroom, you can get a Star WarsDagobah shower curtain online!  It will make your bathroom so much more cool, and it will definitely add some force to it!  You will not be able to find a shower curtain such as this one in your local mall, you will have to order it online!  This amazing shower curtain will definitely make your bathroom unique, and you and everyone who uses your bathroom will absolutely love it!

  1. full_sizeStar Wars Beach Towels

Online you can find various Star Wars beach towels with your favorite Star Wars characters.  Of course, you can use these towels in your bathroom too, and not just to the beach.  You will simply love these cool towels, as they will make your trips to the bathroom so much more fun!  Furthermore, they are made entirely of cotton, and they will make your trips to the bus room so much more pleasant!

  1. Star Wars Chewbacca Ruggro099-kids-chewy-robe

It’s important to say that no Wookieeshave been harmed while making these rugs!  If you want to put a rug in your bathroom, you should consider and getting a Star Wars Chewbacca rug online!  This rug will make your bathroom fun and you will simply love it!